In this new psychological thriller, a scientist and her team make a shocking discovery that intertwines the supernatural with the logical and dreams with the truth. What they discover has the potential to forever change the world’s perspective on ghosts, the afterlife, and reality.

Gooseflesh prickles my arms as another childhood memory springs to mind. Drafts like this are what woke me in the middle of the night when I slept in this room as a child. I never wanted to know what caused them back then, but Rowan would want me to know now. My father would want me to know. If Gram Marie were here, she’d tell me to close my eyes until the draft stops, so that’s what I do. I close my eyes and wait.

It isn’t long until a soft click interrupts the silence. My eyelids take on that pinkish glow that suggests a light has come on in the room. When I open my eyes, what I see confuses me.

In the center of the room is an operating table, a man stretched out on top of it. His face and body are covered by a drape of green cloth. I can only see the top of his head. A piece of his skull has been removed, and within that circle of white bone, a glistening mass of brain tissue has been exposed. The machines behind him beep in a perfect rhythm, promising that he’s alive even though I see no heave to his chest…

Something about him, something about this situation, strikes me as familiar. I reach out to remove the drape of cloth from his face, but just before my fingers can even touch it, the draft comes again. This time, it tousles my hair and scatters the leaves that litter the floor, leaves that hadn’t been there a minute ago. As I watch the leaves swirl around my feet, a cold hand comes to rest on my shoulder…

I’ve been found.

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