About the Book

When she was a little girl, Nadia King spent summers with her Gram Marie in a house filled with drafts and unexplained shadows. It was her grandmother who gave Nadia her first journal at age seven as a safe place to write her ghost stories. Although Gram Marie believed Nadia was destined to be a writer, her life has taken a different path.

While ignoring her obvious connections with the supernatural, Nadia pursues a career in science instead. As she meets a cast of interesting characters, her scientific mind begins to question the things she used to see in Gram Marie’s house as a child and what she continues to see as an adult. Nadia soon realizes that these events may be more than just her imagination, and that life has been leading her to the research institute, Amulet, all along. But when she and her team identify a mysterious new brain cell, they set into motion a chain of events with the potential to forever change the world’s perspective on ghosts, the afterlife, and reality.

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